The Best Landscape Design in Bremerton WA

The Best Landscape Design in Bremerton WA

Not everything is about plants, trees, and shrub. We think that we should add to the landscape design of our garden, different accessories. They will complement the natural environment that our landscape experts are creating.

Ideas for landscape design in Bremerton WA

Garden Accessories

The incorporation of accessories such as water and stone features, statues, bird houses, and decorative objects complete the landscape design. However, remember that you must moderate the use of them to avoid a feeling of chaos or disorder. Moreover, the garden accessories must match the landscape design you are implementing.


The paths undoubtedly provide a unique feature in the landscape design. They can be formal (straight) or informal (meandering). Like the rest of the features, the style of the paths must match the style of the landscape design.  For example, if we choose a formal style, it would be more appropriate to use bricks or slabs. However, if the design is informal or naturalistic, an inorganic mulching that will somehow remain with the organic mulch will be better.

Garden backdrops

When I speak of garden backdrops in landscape design, I am referring to the walls, fences, and hedges.  For instance, we implement in our garden designs all these features to gain privacy, and to hide not beautiful areas.

But garden backdrops not only do not have this kind of thing. Also, the addition of tall structures such as pergolas, trellises and larger plants is highly recommended to add depth to the landscape.

The landscape design of gardens does not have to be expensive or difficult. Our advice is that you do not have to limit yourself to the existing landscape design rules. Here at Alex’s Landscaping & Excavating, our landscaping contractors allow you to mix the design with your tastes.  Do not limit yourself! Boost your imagination, experiment and play with these tips to get the design that best suits your personality.

Tips for Landscape Design in Bremerton WA

If we want to decorate our patio with a landscape design, the first step without a doubt is planning.  Then, the next step is to translate these ideas into a paper. After that, we will decide in the first instance what style of garden is better given your garden conditions. In this step, we must take into account many other factors that affect the design of gardens, such as the location, the use we will give, soil conditions, and lighting.

The region

In the design of gardens, it is important to familiarize yourself with your region.  Also, it is a good idea to know about which plants adapt well to your climate conditions. Knowing the different types of plants that grow well in your area and their care will help you to have a beautiful and flourishing garden. Moreover, a good idea is to walk around the local garden shops and ask for their catalogs. Besides, magazines and the internet can be useful for this fundamental step.

Soil Conditions

When planning the design of gardens, we do not usually take into account the type of soil and pH levels. However, this is a factor that can also be decisive. Is the soil sandy, compact or clayey? Is the pH acidic or alkaline?

Also, your landscape contractor should check the soil drainage conditions. This will help you understand if our garden has wet or rather dry conditions. In the latter case, the addition of compost or mulching can help both drainage and maintenance of moisture.

Garden Lighting

This is very important! Knowing which areas receive full sun, half shade or total shade will determine which plants you can choose in the design of your patio. Familiarize yourself with the wind; if it is excessive, you can dry and even burn the plants. Also, you must consider the surrounding structures such as walls, trees, fences, and among others.

Sizes and Forms

When determining the size of your garden, try to make it large enough to achieve a good visual effect. However, a very large garden prevents proper maintenance. So keep in mind the time you can devote to caring for plants.

The forms in the design will determine if you choose a formal or informal design type. Moreover, your tastes as to what you want to feel when you look or walk through your garden play an important role. Also, the environment or style of your home usually helps in the decision.

Why Alex’s Landscaping & Excavating is the Right Choice?

When it comes to landscaping services, there are many companies in Bremerton WA with limited resources and experience. Don’t risk your yard’s appearance and health by using one of these landscaping contractors. In contrast, our company is licensed, insured, and bonded.

Our work is detailed and thorough, yet we work quickly and clean up after we are done. Our landscape experts cause minimal disruption to your family or company and leave you with a beautiful landscape design that will impress your neighbors and customers.

During our 15 years working in the field, we have become knowledgeable in all our offer landscaping services.  Let’s get started on your landscape’s new look. Contact us now and get a free estimate.









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