Landscape Design Service in Silverdale WA

Landscape Design Service in Silverdale WA

Our company has a long experience of more than twenty years many projects executed in the world of landscape design.

We are able to carry out professional services, in the design and execution of integral projects for newly created gardens. Also, we can handle the redesign and decoration of existing gardens that need a transformation.

We perform all the works included in a landscape design service in Silverdale WA. It does not matter whether they are of greater or lesser scope; such as pools, lakes, fountains, and ponds.

Even, our landscape designers are expert in stone features, fences, and deck with modern and classic designs.

Our projects have been carried out and are being carried out within Silverdale WA and its surrounding regions. For this reason, we have extensive experience in the design and execution of both public and private gardens, inside and outside of Silverdale.

Landscape design to transform your garden

We offer a complete landscape design service to transform your garden. We adapt to the space available and get spaces for you that you did not imagine. It does not matter if it’s a terrace or a small garden, you’ll be surprised by our high-quality results. Do you want to know how it works?

The first step is requesting our landscape design service for the realization of new work or transform of gardens. Then, one of our landscaping experts proceeds to visit the area to be able to better evaluate the project.

After that, we comment on your idea, your preferences, and your tastes. Once we have your point of view, we advise you on the most immediate needs presented about the initial idea in the short or medium term.

We advise to incorporate the following infrastructure into your landscape design:

  • Drains for good health of grass and plants.
  • Providing good quality topsoil.
  • Automatic irrigation installation.
  • Pre-installation of light for garden lighting.
  • Planting trees and shrubs.
  • Complements such as pergolas, fountains, ponds, rockery, platforms, civil works, and among others.

In any construction project, it is very important to have good professionals with proven experience in charge. Hiring expert landscape contractors will add value in the medium and long-term on the landscape design project.

Remember that good planning is synonymous with an unbeatable result. Moreover, we ensure you that our goal as landscapers is to ensure that the design of your garden remains attractive over time.

Types of Landscape Design Service in Silverdale WA

Do you plan to build a garden from scratch or do you already have one and are you thinking of remodeling it? You have reached the right place, here at Alex’s Landscaping & Excavating. We will help you find ideas to get the ideal style in decorating your garden.

Most of the gardens opt for one of these three styles of garden designs: formal, informal or naturalistic.

Design a Formal Garden

Formal gardens have order and are generally delimited by straight lines and symmetrical plantations. This type of gardens can include low walls, elegant sculptures, imposing water fountains, and very well-kept low hedge plantations.

Designing a formal garden is usually appropriate for urban areas that have a relatively limited space.

Design an informal garden

The informal gardens provide us with an attractive relax environment. Moreover, they are imbalance gardens, usually characterized by asymmetrical plantations with many curves.

Also, they usually mix the sowing of fruit trees, vegetables, and ornamental herbs with different varieties of flowers and shrubs. Besides, they can include rather romantic structures, such as arbors, pergolas, fences, and small water features.

Design a Naturalist Garden

Naturalist gardens are characterized by being wild (very wild) and informal. Usually, we will plant native species and wildflowers arranged in patches of color.

Moreover, we will add informal natural look stones features. Besides, we can use several water sources with the aim of imitating nature even more.

Alex’s Landscaping & Excavating has earned its reputation as one of Silverdale WA premier commercial and residential landscape company’s.

Our high-quality, experience, and creativity have helped us keep this reputation through time. With over 15 years of experience, we can make your landscape design wishes come true.

Our company offers superior customer service.  Whether you’re having in mind a new project design or an existing garden to redesign, we offer top of the line landscaping services that will enhance the beauty of your outdoor spaces.

From residential to commercial projects, we are a landscape design company having the professional crew to finish your project on time and budget.

So we guarantee you will be satisfied.  Let’s explore your options with a free estimate by getting in touch with us. Then, we’ll schedule an appointment at your home or site.










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