Professional Landscaping Services in Poulsbo WA

Professional Landscaping Services in Poulsbo WA

We provide our clients with exceptional landscaping services in Poulsbo WA. How? Through an experienced team of landscapers that carry out their most ambitious dreams and projects in an outstanding way!

You cannot downplay the importance of landscaping services in Poulsbo WA. To keep your property beautiful is to care for the landscaping and gardening. So, it’s impossible to detach the outer look of your home from the landscape design.

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The creation of landscapes is an art. We cannot have any doubt about it. We have observed carefully and truly artistic sensitivity the fantastic designs that our landscapers develop in gardens.

It is a complex and multidisciplinary profession. It has transcended the subject of vegetation and green to structure true conceptualizations of integral spaces. And, that can only be carried out by highly qualified specialists in this sector.

Our landscaping services work specifically on the design and construction of parks, gardens, waterfalls, porches, fountains, patios, and terraces.  For the development of these spaces, landscapers always have considered the needs of those who inhabit or will inhabit that space. Also, other important aspects that take into account for landscaping services are the characteristics of the place: land, environment, natural light, type of vegetation, and others.


Lighting: Exterior light for terraces and gardens

To fully enjoy your garden in summer we recommend the installation of decorative lighting. They will give a special charm to summer nights. Because enjoying parties and parties in good company is a privilege.

But the lighting of gardens and outdoor terraces not only has a playful purpose but also plays a security role in the home that serves to protect from unforeseen shocks.

Our experience in this field allows us to recommend only high-quality products. We must bear in mind that lighting is an outdoor product that has to withstand adverse weather conditions, and therefore we should not skimp on expenses. Protection against moisture and rain is essential.

The phases of lighting, in our work, consist of automatic ignitions and shutdowns that are independent of the home. Our idea is to have a complement to beautify the garden, not a problem due to an inadequate or defective installation.

Automatic irrigation system for your garden

Currently, the most suitable for the lawn of your garden is the installation of a good automatic irrigation system. We must pay close attention in this phase since this will depend on the optimal functioning.

It is important to be advised if you do not have knowledge of irrigation systems. Why? because there is abundant material in the market and therefore a wide range of qualities with different objectives.

A good irrigation system allows us a good uniformity in the distribution of water and we must bear in mind that it is an investment for many years, which in the long run will bring us great savings.

One of the main advantages of automatic irrigation is the guarantee of scheduled irrigation time and starting time, which allows us to be thousands of kilometers away without worrying about our plants having water shortages. In vacations we have the necessities covered and in the day to day we gain independence and leisure time.

For places with difficulties to have a point of light, there are models by battery or battery with an optimal result.

One of the automatic irrigation systems that our customers are most demanding of us lately is the drip irrigation that replaces the traditional sprinklers. A technique that emerged in the agricultural sector and that is beginning to be applied in private gardens. Why? to achieve an efficient consumption of water that is more respectful with the environment.

Tree Planting

Our advice on the issue of placing trees in plots is to ask the help or advice of a professional.

Currently, due to the small size of gardens or private plots, we must pay close attention to the development of trees, roots, plantation distance, and among other factors.

Sometimes the tree that we like the most is not the one for our garden and we must accept it. We must not make the mistake of choosing the wrong type of tree and having to cut it down when it reaches dangerous dimensions. We can always choose an alternative solution.

Our company supplies all kinds of trees, shrubs, roses and flowering plants. Our work and the satisfaction of our customers are a guarantee of quality.

Artificial Grass: Easy maintenance

Artificial turf is an ideal element to combine with gravel and aggregates. The realistic finishes that are achieved and minimal maintenance are encouraging our customers to opt for this option in their garden. A design that combines artificial turf with other cutting-edge materials allows us to achieve gardens and terraces with an elegant style.

It is a very interesting choice due to the good appearance it presents once installed. In addition, we have at your disposal different qualities of the best suppliers in the market to adapt to your needs.

Our experience with this election is very positive due to the evolution that the sector has experienced. The variety of artificial turf existing in the market allows us to create ideal environments adapted to the available space. Although we must not forget that artificial turf is a product completely different from natural grass, hence the difference in prices.

However, this lawn has a fundamental advantage over the natural one when we work with small gardens, which have too much shade due to nearby constructions and is presented as the only appropriate solution. It is also an ideal place for children to play because of its cleanliness and lack of humidity.

But undoubtedly the differential factor is the reduction of maintenance costs. Artificial turf barely requires gardening care, which saves time and money. And we avoid the problems that suppose sometimes to obtain a system of irrigation in arid zones or where the water scarce.

For the decoration of attics and terraces, it is a very interesting product. Why? Since it allows us to make projects that are very aesthetically balanced.

The ideal floor for terraces and patios

Our company aims to cover all current demands and fashions in terraces and gardens. One of them is the laying of a pallet, being the tropical wood one of the most demanded nowadays. It helps us to cover walks, rest areas, swimming pool beaches, etc. These woods are extremely hard and resistant giving a special and unique touch in gardening.

It is popular in the decoration of patios and terraces for its elegant and distinguished finish.

The most used wood is the IPE for its resistance. For example, it can be mounted on rails with hidden staple or view at the customer’s choice.

The maintenance is simple by limiting to give a hand of teak oil at least once a year. Our recommendation is to give it twice, one hand in spring and another in autumn.

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