Landscaping Company and Lawn Maintenance in Silverdale WA

Landscaping Company and Lawn Maintenance in Silverdale WA

Alex’s Landscaping and Excavating has over 15 years of experience offering the best lawn maintenance in Silverdale WA.  Moreover, our satisfied customer says that we have the most outstanding lawn yard maintenance in Kitsap County Washington.  Besides, we are able to handle any project in commercial businesses and residential homes.

Our landscape experts are qualified to perform any landscaping service in time and budget. Also, we only use quality equipment, material, and products to ensure exceptional results.  Here at Alex’s Landscaping & Excavating, we are professional in lawn mowing services and planting services. Besides, our landscaping contractors ensure maximum results in lawn edging and any yard maintenance service.

Lawn maintenance: From Lawn Mowing to Tree Trimming

Lawn MovingAlex’s Landscaping & Excavating specialize in lawn maintenance services in Silverdale WA and its surrounding regions.  Examples of the lawn maintenance services include:

  • Weed Removal
  • Lawn Mowing
  • Installation and repair of artificial grass
  • Mulching
  • Yard Cleanup
  • Installation and maintenance of irrigation systems
  • Tree Trimming
  • Plants, shrubs, and tree pruning
  • And among others

What are the most common lawn maintenance services in Silverdale WA?

Lawn Fertilization in Silverdale WA

Lawn Fertilization

All types of plants need to be fertilized, especially in late winter and early fall. Fertilization refers to any element that improves the quality of the soil and is used to nourish the plants.

Gardening companies can use well-composted organic fertilizers or slow-release granules. Among the most common types of organic fertilizers are peat, compost, manure, earthworm humus, guano, bone meal or ash. Meanwhile, chemical fertilizers include simple fertilizers (nitrogenous, phosphate, and potassium) and compound fertilizers that have two or more types of nutrients.


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Lawn Care

The gardens, especially those in public places, require high-quality lawn maintenance. For example, it is important not to let it grow too much and not cut more than a third at a time.

Lawn Care WAThe regular bucking of the lawn is very important as it helps to thicken the grass. This refers to the cutting technique that should be little but in a habitual and constant manner. Within the gardening service, it is important to change the direction and the cutting pattern. In turn, it is necessary to provide added nutrients so that growth is optimal. Also, it is advisable to fertilize the lawn every four or five weeks.

The irrigation must have a frequency that depends on the temperature and humidity of the area itself. Moreover, it requires that the landscaping company be aware of its status to water it only when necessary. Besides, the elimination of weeds and the aeration of the lawn are another procedure that keeps the lawn in good condition.

Weed Control

Our landscaping company offers a system of control and elimination of weeds. Some of the systems that are used to weed control are the installation of drip irrigation, covering the ground with pine bark or gravel or placing an anti-weed mesh with which to keep weed at bay for a season.

Lawn Maintenance Tree Trimming

Tree and Shrub Trimming

It is necessary to prune your tree and shrubs every year. And, the ideal time is late winter. However, it is very important that the tree and shrubs pruning procedure are made correct. The objective of trimming is cleaning the tree crown from dry and twisted branches.

Pest Control

The plants can acquire diseases or parasites. Pests usually depend on the pest-resistant of the plants and light exposition. Also, other factors that play an important role are the soil and irrigation conditions that are carried out by your landscaping contractor. Remember that a good lawn care company has to know how to control pests.

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