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Holly Green Foliage with Matures Red Berries

No questions that you want to make your landscape look great. You can implement creative and elegant ideas or you can create something more minimalistic, which will require less upkeep. But things can be a little harder in really cold regions like in Washington State. It is vital to think about the design of your landscaping so it won’t cost you a lot to maintain it and make it look wonderful. So, today, we took the time to write about some simple cold-weather landscaping ideas.

So, let’s get to our valuable advice now!

Simple Cold-Weather Landscaping Ideas [Cold Climate Is Never an Excuse]

1.     Use Local Plants that Can Thrive in Cold Weather

This is not part of our simple cold-weather landscaping ideas. Instead, this is more like an advice from our years of expertise.

To grow a beautiful garden in Washington State, you should pick plants that survive the low temperatures.

The least you want to see is plants suffering because you planted them in the wrong climate. Choosing the right plants will guarantee that your yard looks great all the time.

Some plants don’t only survive chilly temperatures but also beautify your garden in during snowy days.

Make Your Yard Awesome with These Cold-Weather Plants:

Holly Green Foliage with Matures Red BerriesHolly Bush: This is one of the most iconic winter type plants because of Christmas!

Holly bushes produce beautiful and bright red berries. This plant is used to ornate houses during Christmas, and of course, it will continue to make your yard look beautiful all winter long.

Winterberry: Winterberry is a deciduous version of the Holly Bush.

According to the all-knowing Wikipedia deciduous means “falling off at maturity” and “tending to fall off”, make reference to trees and shrubs that seasonally shed leaves, usually in the autumn; to the shedding of petals, after flowering; and to the shedding of ripe fruit.

So, as you can expect, winterberry bushes will lose its leaves during fall. Thanks to this, you’ll enjoy the view of beautiful red berries.

You should plant them during early spring and fall.

So, as we said previously, one of the best simple cold-weather landscaping ideas is to use local and cold climate plants to adorn your garden.

Plants that make it through the winter are the perfect choice to put them to work in your front and backyard. Do you need  help? Then, check our landscaping design services.

No matter how low the temperature is and also hoping that the snow doesn’t cover them all, cold weather plants can keep the area looking great during the winter.

Also, you can enjoy more flower options while you wait for spring to kick off.

Yellow Bloom of a Winter Jasmine Bush

Welcome Spring by Planting Winter Jasmine Shrubs!

According to Wikipedia, Jasminum nudiflorum or the winter jasmine is a slender, deciduous shrub native to China. Due to its blossom peaks right after winter, it’s also named Yingchun in Chinese, which means “the flower that welcomes Spring

That is right! Winter jasmine is one of the best choices for winter garden plants.

One of the best things about winter jasmine is that its slender stems will stand out, beautifying your yard in the winter.

If you plant winter jasmines next to a wall, they’ll grow as tall as 15 feet. This plant is just amazing since it requires few if not no maintenance at all.

You’ll Love to Have Snowdrops in Your Yard

Snowdrop is one of our favorite plants. Meanwhile, other plants are suffering and hiding away from winter’s chilly grasp; snowdrop will steal the show!

They are an excellent choice to beautify your garden during winter since they will bloom in the first days of every year.

The only thing that you need to do is to plant these beautiful bulbs during fall, so they can have a chilling period to grow happily and healthy under trees and bushes.

We hope that one day you give it a try to one of these beautiful winter garden plants. They will rob the spotlight and will be the talk topic of your neighborhood. We invite you to check our landscape design services.

2. Add a Touch of Elegance with Pinecone Mulch

Beautiful Pinecone Mulching Around Trees

Mulching is vital at every time of the year, and cold weather is no exception. We included pine cone mulch as part of our simple cold-weather landscaping ideas because of its many benefits.

Plants and trees need protection always, and what better way to protect them than by mulching. The best thing of pine cone mulching is that it adds a sense of fashion and style to your yard. Its texture can never go wrong with anything.

Pinecone mulch has an acidic nature, being the perfect type of mulch for berries and hydrangeas. It also has resin, which helps disperse water in a better way, ultimately minimizing soil erosion.

Another great benefit of pine cone mulch is its shape. Its shape allows smoother airflow for the soil. It also helps prevent wind erosion as well!

Pinecone mulch serves as an excellent insulator. It helps plants keep cool in scorching summers and warm in extremely cold winters. This allows plants to grow at a healthy rate without you worrying about them overheating or freezing.

Using pine cone mulch can last you for months, or even years. Pine cones decay slowly, giving ongoing fertilization to your plant roots. This mulch provides a natural and fresh look around your plants.

You can never go wrong with mulching your yard in cold weather, especially if it’s with pine cones. That is why we included it in our simple cold-weather landscaping ideas. Pinecone mulching adds excellent value to your yard, granting protection and nourishment for your trees and plants.

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