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Don’t you love having a green lawn? Most homeowners want to have healthy grass in their yards. However, there are a few things they need to do if they’re going to achieve this. It’s essential to follow proper lawn care procedures to have the landscape of your dreams.

Let’s see some of these factors to make your property truly stand out. Bear in mind that you can take care of most of them on your own. On the other hand, others may require you to call a professional. Alex’s Landscaping and Excavating is here to guide you; we want you to give your lawn the care it deserves.

Whatever the case is, being an informed homeowner is vital to the wellbeing of your landscape. Has your grass dried out again? We know what it feels like. Keeping the grass healthy and uniform is not difficult, but it requires a series of care throughout the year.

When to fertilize the lawn? How to cut it? If you have doubts about the correct maintenance of the lawn, then you are in the right post.

Here Are the Proper Lawn Care Procedures to Follow

the ultimate guide to lawn care

Maintaining a green and healthy lawn is more than just watering and seeing how it grows, we must bear in mind that its irrigation is as important as its fertilizer. So from Alex’s Landscaping and Excavating we want to give you some little tips to keep the lawn in perfect condition.

Here are the proper lawn care procedures:

  1. You must mow the lawn correctly.
  2. Know the right time to apply fertilizer to your lawn.
  3. Keep weed seeds and pests under control!
  4. It’s a good idea to properly water your grass.

You must carry out all these processes in the ideal period, with the appropriate tools and in a certain way. We created this blog to help you take care of your lawn; therefore, we invite you to read it to the end. We are going to explain everything you need to know to take care of your lawn in the correct way.

You Must Mow the Lawn Correctly

how to mow the lawn

Lawn mowing has a lot to do with health and appearance. In other words, it is very important for any garden. Individuals should follow some clear guidelines to ensure they cut the grass correctly. It is essential to mow the lawn as necessary. In early spring, you may have to mow it more than once a week.

This is the summer activity by excellence. Some people love it; others don’t. Mowing the lawn is a simple, yet essential maintenance process. By regularly doing so, you’ll guarantee that your yard will look green and healthy. To get a beautiful and healthy lawn, you have to mow it at the right time and in the right way.

However, you must avoid mowing the grass too low. Many homeowners ignore this, but when you do that, you hinder its correct growth. You can ask your trusted landscaper what the right height is for the different types of grasses. Short grass is a weak grass with shallow roots; we recommend letting the grass grow to about 4½ inches before cutting it to about 3 inches.

You must make sure that the mower blades are not too high or you are going to cut the grass too short. It is important that you verify that the mower deck is clean and tightly closed. Remember that the grass blades must be removed once you finish the process.

Know the Right Time to Apply Fertilizer to Your Lawn

Right Time to Apply Fertilizer to Lawn

If the grass has a yellowish color, it indicates that it has a lack of nutrients, and therefore you must fertilize to nourish it and return it to its green color. The recommended fertilizers for the lawn are those that contain nitrogen and phosphorus and also those of slow-release since they avoid having to replant very often.

Applying an adequate fertilizer is a fantastic lawn care step to achieve the healthy look that you want for your yard. Now, there are various options in the market. In particular, you have to choose between natural or industrial fertilizers, but this depends on the current state of your grass.

Chemical fertilizers, besides the environmental concern, will get you faster results. Therefore, it’s better to use it only if your yard has dead grass and multiple bare spots. On the contrary, if it looks good enough or mostly healthy, you should instead use natural fertilizer.

Keep Weed Seeds and Pests Under Control!

keep weed seeds under control

If you have noticed that the appearance of the grass has changed, it may be due to insects that have invaded it. Removing pests from grass is as easy as removing them from plants, you have nothing to worry about.

Weed is your number one enemy when you do lawn care. For starters, some wild plants may look bad and hinder the beauty of your yard. However, the main issue with them is root system competition. As weed grows, they take the space that the roots of your grass should use. You must be careful, this process is very important for your lawn.

You have two main options. First, you can pull the weeds out manually (and carefully). Secondly, you can find special chemical substances (herbicides) to apply it on any unwanted plants. However, whether you want to use a natural, organic, or synthetic herbicide, it’s better to call a professional for help.

It’s a Good Idea to Properly Water Your Grass

how to water the lawn

All plants need water to live and grow strong and beautiful. Therefore, you must hydrate your lawn whenever it needs it. It’s the only way in which you will enjoy a lawn that is always green and healthy.

You can meet most of your plants’ watering needs manually. However, it’s not the most efficient way. Many homeowners choose to invest in an irrigation system. Indeed, sprinklers can help you to do a more effective lawn care.

One of the best benefits of irrigation is that it prevents the waste of water. Therefore, it can save you time and money in the long run. Of course, don’t forget that the best lawns around have a sprinkler system installed.

If you are in need of a committed company to help you achieve the gorgeous lawn you want, contact our professionals at Alex’s Landscaping & Excavating. We’ll provide your yard with cost-effective solutions to beautify your property.

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