Professional and Affordable Lawn Maintenance in Kingston WA

Professional and Affordable Lawn Maintenance in Kingston WA

Unlike many companies, Alex’s Landscaping & Excavating employs landscape experts in every aspect of your lawn maintenance in Kingston WA.

Alex’s Landscaping & Excavating is a family owned company with over 15 years of experience. Moreover, our company is the most reliable and largest landscape company in Kitsap County, with service to clients in Silverdale, Bremerton, Poulsbo, and Kingston WA.

Our landscaping contractors take care of weed control, turf management, fine & detailed pruning, irrigation maintenance, & much more.

What Lawn Maintenance services do we offer in Kingston WA?

Alex’s Landscaping & Excavating is an expert in lawn maintenance services in Kingston WA and its surrounding areas. Examples of the lawn maintenance services include:

  • Leaf Removal/ Brush Clearing
  • One Time Clean-ups or Weekly Service
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Lawn Edging
  • Debris Removal
  • Lawn Mowing Services
  • Driveway / Walkway Cleaning

Irrigation SystemIrrigation System

Kingston residents tell us all the time that they do not need an irrigation system due to living in the WA. We could not disagree more. Our answer to this is, “you do not need it until you do”. There is a big difference between your landscape thriving or surviving.

A well-designed landscape is installed with the assumption that things will thrive & fill the spaces designed for them vibrantly. A properly irrigated landscape will function as it’s designed to do & lower maintenance costs.

Lawn maintenance

It may be that your lawn at the end of the winter needs some maintenance in some small areas. This is something that you have to value. What is clear is that from now on you have to mowing more often, at least once a week in summer (somewhat less in spring and autumn).

The ideal height on a residential lawn is 5 cm. Try not to let it grow too much and make more cuts of a third blow because you will weaken it.  So if it is necessary to carry out several mowing to reach the correct height, just do it.  Moreover, when the temperatures are very extreme you can leave it a little higher to protect it.

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Trees and Shrubs Pruning

If you have recently planted trees in your garden, you will have to prune them every year until they get the right size. The objective is a well-shaped cup at the desired height.

Once you have reached your goal, you will only have to perform maintenance. Indeed, pruning clean up the tree crown of dry and twisted branches or branches that do not receive light.

The same can be applied to shrubs, either with the intention of forming a hedge or highlighting an isolated specimen.

The ideal time pruning is in late winter before they plants start sprouting. However, it does not mean that small adjustments should not be made at other times. If necessary, you can cut the suckers or dry branches that appear.

Also, do not forget to trim the hedges to maintain a proper height.  If you see that they have fallen out, do not leave them or your garden will look abandoned

Tree and Shrubs Planting

Tree and Shrubs PlantingAnother great idea to enhance the beauty of your garden is to plant new specimens. Maybe not so much if we have had loss some with the frosts of winter, but we are always excited to incorporate new plants into the garden.

Our landscape experts recommended you to take advantage to plant before the arrival of heat. In this way, the plant will have more time to adapt and its roots will suffer less.

Also, select species familiar with your weather conditions. Moreover, make sure they have space and land necessary to thrive.

Be careful! A common mistake is to plant too many plants together in the garden.  Plant saturation often has to end up sacrificing some plants for the benefit of others. So do not make this mistake! Although at first you will see everything emptier, they are going to grow!

Weed Control

Weeds are a recurring problem in gardening. There is no other way than getting familiar with the idea that its control must be a continuous task. So, if you want to have a garden or terrace that does not seem careless, weed control is the solution.

Can I do something to avoid weed? Yes, you can avoid this problem by installing drip irrigation and covering the beds with pine bark or gravel. If you place an anti-weed mesh underneath, you will keep the adventitious plants at bay for a season.

15 years of experience support us

Here at Alex’s Landscaping & Excavating, our company believes that reliability, courtesy, honesty, & professionalism are the building blocks for any successful lawn maintenance service in Kingston WA. Get in touch with us for a free estimate & let us set up a lawn maintenance plan for you.

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